About me

Fashion and accessories have always been my great passion. I designed fashion as a young girl, but then decided to pursue a different career. As fate would have it, I have now decided to start my small business and create jewelry for you and pursue my passion. With much joy and dedication, I also advise you on Instagram and stand by you with advice and action.

Affordable jewelry

My goal: Affordable and beautiful jewelry for everyone. Everyone is special and should feel that way.

I will include a handwritten card with each packet. So much time has to be.

Jewelry care tips

To protect your jewelry from wear in the long term, I have summarized a few tips and tricks for you here. With these you should have long friends on your jewelry.

I recommend that you keep your bracelets and earrings individually. The individual storage prevents you from scratching, tarnishing or getting tangled with other pieces of jewelry.

The best way to store your jewelry is in the jewelry box I supplied, which protects your jewelry from oxidizing. To prevent your jewelry from tarnishing, I recommend protecting it from extreme moisture and heat.

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